February 15, 2007

February 14, 2007
We had a fun filled Valentine's Day this year. I meant to bring my camera along to all of the fun, but of course didn't remember until the day was winding down. We started off the day with a Mom and kids breakfast at McDonalds where the kids enjoyed the play place. Then Mom helped the kids pick out some balloons for Dad. They had fun delivering them to his work. Next Dad treated everyone to Pizza for lunch at Papa Kelsey's. You can't go wrong with Pizza and our kids. Then we had a "romantic" dinner for seven. Complete with frosted wine glasses, cloth napkins, and flower petals. We wrapped the day up with homemade Valentine's from Mom for everyone. (This is a tradition my mom started that I wanted to pass on, but this is the first year that i actully got them to turn out well.) All in all it was a busy, but fun day. Too bad it had to end with the flu. Kade and I had a "great" evening cleaning up flu mess after flu mess of Brylee's. But, hey when you can make it through that on your Valentine's evening and still call it a good one, you know your relationship must be made of something pretty good!

February 12, 2007

January 27, 2007
We went to Twin Falls for the day to see Gavin get blessed. It was fun to see Gillian and her family again and Tressie was there too! I couldn't resist getting a picture of the boys they just looked so cute all dressed up for the occasion.