December 11, 2009

December 12, 2009

Now that Grandma has the internet at home, we thought it would be fun to wish her a happy birthday online. Hope you have a great birthday Mom, we love you!!!

December 1, 2008.

I apologize it has been sooo long since i posted. In about the middle of October, I got the hair-brined idea to make some MAJORLY time consuming gifts for my kids for Christmas. I usually do a homemade something or other for them. But, this was above and beyond any other year. I won't post what it is right now, 'cuz Liberty reads this blog from time to time. Anyways, I finally finished the projects!!! They are wrapped and stashed away. I feel so relieved to have them done in time. So, that is why I haven't even looked at blogging for a good little while. Hope you enjoy the updates.

December 3, 4, 9, 2009

Well December is in full swing already. We have already enjoyed:

The Ward Christmas Party (with a program put on by various ward members and the Primary).
Sitting on Santa's Lap ( I don't know if I should say we "Enjoyed" this)





Decorating gingerbread houses at the neighborhood party (Thanks Debbie)




Bowling and a Movie (Planet 51) at Dad's work Christmas Party.

Brancyn (He was so frustrated by this bowling thing. He wanted to pick up the balls and play with them, but they were entirely too heavy for him. It did not make for a happy little boy.)

Liberty ( I think this was the throw that landed in the next lane overs gutter. Liberty was a little embarrassed by her wild throw, but was a good sport and laughed with everyone.)

Kade (He smoke us all as usual)

November 30, 2009

I am so exhausted from our trip to Washington, but there is no rest for the weary. Tradition is calling my name. It is the first Monday after Thanksgiving which means it is officially time to set up and decorate the Christmas trees in this house.





November 29, 2009.

We made it home just in time to go to Cameron D. Smith's blessing (yes he has a name now, sorry I took so long to post it:)

Grammy and Grampy with all the grandkids

Cameron, Quin, and Natalie

The 'Authority' figures around here:)

November 27, 2009
Here are a few more pics of our week in Washington.

We played ball at the Church a couple of times

Brylee and Kade chillin'

Wild Turkeys running around the yard

My parents house (we took this to show Tyrell the changes).

Tressie and Kayson

Makenna, Liberty, and Kordell

November 24, 2009

We went to my parents house for Thanksgiving this year. These pics are of our FHE activity while we were there. We had fun making turkey's out of hostess cupcakes, marshmallows, candy corns, and sprinkles. Sorry the pictures are grainy. I didn't realize someone had played with the settings on my camera until later when I saw these on a full size monitor.

November 11, 2009.

Kayson, and Brylee took gymnastics through the city again this fall. They both loved it. I grabbed a couple of pics on their last day. Liberty also took a class through the city, rock climbing. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of her. It was a drop her off kind of class. But she loved it and came home bragging that she got to pick a soda of her choice 'cuz she reached the top of her wall!
If you are wondering about Kayson's odd pose, he was supposed to pretend he was a flamingot as he waslked across (one leg up and arms flapping).

Here are the kids in there Holiday clothes. Brylee used hers from last year 'cuz it matched everyone so well (plus she has accquired many new dressed in the past few months and didn't really need a new one) I was trying to get a good picture for our Christmas newsletter, but wasn't overly impressed by any of them. Oh well, at least we have November documented now.

Libery, Brancyn, Brylee, Kayson

Brylee, Deidra, Liberty, Kade, Brancyn, Kayson

October 31, 2009
Finally, Halloween! It was so nice that Halloween fell on a Saturday this year. It made the day feel so much less rushed. We headed up to Grandma Ruby's first and showed off the kids. Next we were able to go to Grammy's house and hang out for awhile. We even hit JC Penny's and got the kids Holiday clothes this day (I know, such a Halloween thing to do, but man we hit a great sale). And then the kids were ready to wear them the next day. We finished the day off with trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and a party at the neighbors. It was a really fun day.

Liberty (Winged Vampiress)

Kayson (Vampire)

Brylee (Princess)

Brancyn (Roo)
Jack (Horse)
Jack's costume was too funny. As he ran around the little cowboy on his back looked like he was really riding him. With a little rhythm going:)

October 27, 2009

This is a perfect example of why we DON'T play ball in the house, mom. (Yes, I'm the culprit) I had bounced the ball just right so that it landed on top of the cupboards. The kids thought it was cool and asked me to do it again. I missed this time and the ball bounced right into my bowl of cereal, splashing everyone. You can see I was really popular after that stunt:)
If you enlarge the picture and look closely, you'll seek milk splashed on the curtains and pumpkins. I really made a mess!

October 24, 2009

Michelene and Shaun invited us to a pumpkin carving party tonight. Liberty's is a pirate, Kaysons is a Japanese man, Brlyee's a princess, and Brancyn's a self portrait. The kids had a lot of fun directing Kade and I and then they ran off to watch Haloween cartoons with cousins. We finished off the night with doughnuts and cider, mmmmm.

October 23, 2009

We enjoyed the kids Halloween carnival at the school tonight. The played some fun games and then we headed off to the lunch room for cotton candy, popcorn, and pixie sticks. The kids loved it (and I'm glad it's over. it is fun to take the kids 'cuz they get so excited, but those things are a such a nut house.)

October 17, 24, 2009

Kade decided to help coach soccer this fall. He got to be Liberty and Kayson's coach. He had fun other than it was a miserably cold fall (until soccer season was over-then it warmed up for a month:). Here are some pics of one of the few games I made it to.
We aslo had an end of season party for the team. We decorated Halloween sugar cookies, enjoyed a Halloween cartoon, and just let the kids play.

October 10, 2009.

Grammy and Grampy came to Rexburg to catch Liberty and Kayson's soccer game. It was soooo cold. The other team had
to forfeit (which was kind of blessing seeing as it was much too cold to enjoy a game). Since Grammy and Grampy were already this far, they decided it would be fun to go to Yellowstone for the day and watch Old Faithful go off. Kade, Liberty, and Kayson went along for the ride. They said it was very cold, but they enjoyed themselves none-the-less.