March 23, 2007

March 15, 2007.
We bought winnie the pooh and mickey mouse kites today. It was a great day to try them out. The kids loved it. I didn't think Brylee would understand or have much fun with it. But, she giggled and yelled up to the kites the whole time. She even had a few turns herself at flying the kite. Liberty was able to do it herself pretyy well and kayson did pretty good with a little instruction from dad.

March 13, 2007.
Brylee's 1st Birthday. She started the day off enjoying some yummy birthday cake batter. Then grammy and grampy came for dinner-the kids had fun playing with grammy in their rooms. Next everyone we had aunts and unlces and friends come for cake and gift opening. Brylee had fun with all of the gifts, but had to fight for a look at them since her sibblings were eager to open them for her and then play with them for her (so nice). She also enjoyed her cake and icecream, but insisted on eating it with a spoon-so prim and proper! She finished the day off with a nice soak in the tub (to get all of the icecream and cake out of her hair).

March 10, 2007.
Codi participated in the iron chef competition her Young Singles Adult Branch held. Here is her creation, two layers of brownie with a whole carton of icecream in between. The brownie's had carmel and walnuts in them. And then to finish making it pretty she shaved chocolate from a candybar into curls and placed them on top. It was so yummy! We got the leftovers when she got home.

March 13, 2007.

We were digging up our parking spot so that we could dump more gravel in there in preperation for a new parking pad. Bad idea! The dirt was still too wet so the tractor's were sinking. They ended up putting it all back and then said they would have to come back after it dried out. What a mess!

March 8, 2007?

Our first day out on the trampoline this year! The kids were so excited. If you look closely you will see we were still trying to melt off the snow on this side of the house though, brrrr. At least the temperature was feeling pleasant.

March 4th, 2007.

We went shopping for new spring dresses yesterday. Kayson doesn't have his spring clothes yet but he wanted to be in the picture anyway. We will be getting him a pink tie (he says it is his favorite color) and maybe some black slacks and then we'll get a picture of him.