February 22, 2011

December 21, 2010

We decided to "Elf" ourselves on the Staples website tonight. This is one of my favorite things to do. It just cracks me up! We decided to do both silly and smiley faces. Here is a look at our silly faces.






December 19, 2010

Oops! I forgot to put our annual Nativity on here. This year, Aisha got to join us. That put a fun twist on things because most religious things seemed to be new to her. She had already seen pictures of past years, and was excited to be part of the festivities this year.

Brancyn got to be Joseph this year and Kate was Mary

December 21, 2010

I decided to try to do cooking class with Liberty and Aisha once a week. Today was our first try at it. The girls helped me make crescent rolls to go with our chicken noodle soup. The did a wonderful job and were excited about how well the rolls turned out.
Liberty and Aisha

December 17, 2010

We had a new little foster girl come to live with us this month. Her name is Aisha. We found out right away that Aisha loves doing hair. This worked out perfectly since the kids had crazy hair day at school the first day she was staying with us. She helped Liberty and Kayson with some crazy do's.

Brylee, Kayson, Aisha, Liberty

December 15, 2010

Today was our preschool Christmas party. There was plenty of "merry" making as the kids worked on crafts, read Christmas stories, and danced with their jingle bells. We are glad we have such great neighborhood friends to do this with.

December 9-11, 2011

We decided it was time to try a Salt Lake trip again this year. It is so fun to go and see the lights at Temple Square and to just enjoy a weekend away in the middle of all the holiday craziness.

We started out on Thursday night and went as far as Malad. We stopped for the night at Tiff and Miles house. It was fun to see their cute first home and spend some time with their family and Nicole. Tiff and Miles let us make personal pizzas for dinner and then we visited while the kids enjoyed movies dowstairs.

Thanks for letting us crash!

Liberty, Bently, and Brylee

On Friday morning, we took off for Salt Lake City. The temps were pretty warm for December, but that didn't mean we had good weather. As we got closer to the city, it started to rain and increasingly got worse. We made a quick stop at Walmart and picked up a few umbrellas. When we got into Salt Lake, we started our tour at the Conference Center. The kids enjoyed it. Last time we went, they were too young to really make the connection, but this year the kids recognized it from General Conference.

Kayson, Liberty
Brancyn, and Brylee

This was the most exciting part of the tour for the kids. They thought it was so cool to watch the back of the waterfall from inside the building.

Brancyn, Brylee, Liberty, and Kayson

The umbrellas proved to be the other most exciting part of the trip. The kids have been begging me to buy umbrellas for the last couple of years, but I never do (I hate how quickly they seem to get broken.) They had a great time with them.

Brancyn and Kayson

Liberty, Brylee, and Kayson

By the time the lights came on, we were pretty frozen, so we didn't stay out long. But for the short time we were out, we enjoyed the beautiful colors all around us.

Liberty and her "pro" posing, I couldn't get her to just stand there. What a goof:)

Liberty, Brylee, Kayson, Brancyn, and Kade