August 6, 2008

August 5, 2008.

We've been taking advantage of not having a schedule this week while Kade is gone. We've been getting all kinds of odds and ends jobs done. We have finished doing any unpacking that we could (I'll get pics of the new house up next), took Jack to the vet, took the kids to

the dentist, and went to the gardens to get our yearly pics of the kids done. These are my favorite ones.

August 2 and 3, 2008.

We started Kade's birthday off on Saturday. He got his gifts from us (He's sporting his new clothes, watch, and sunglasses in picture #2) and then he and I went to dinner and out to see Wall-E. (Thank you to Grammy for babysitting!) Then we went back to Grammy's on Sunday for cake and icecream with all the family. He got to finish off his birthday by hopping on a plane and heading off to San Diego for a business trip (he wasn't overly excited about that, but he usually enjoys himself once he gets there). Happy Birthday Kade!

July 27-31, 2008.

We headed of to a family reunion directly after Brancyn's blessing. We went to a campground just outside of Huntsville, UT. It was hot, but fun. The kids enjoyed the pond and waterslide. Skit night was a hit and the 'big boys' had a lot of fun with the water balloon sling shot. We also enjoyed lots of board games, card playing, a day at the lake, and lots of good food!

July 27, 2008.

We blessed Brancyn today, taking advantage of having so much family here. It was a nice day, but busy. Brancyn shared his blessing day with his cousin Brielle, so we had quite a crowd there.

The blessing was simple but nice and we had a nice surprise when a member of the quorum of the seventy spoke ( his wife is my sister Michelene's visiting teacher -so that is why he attened the blessing) and addressed some of his remarks specifically to the babies and their families. It kind of made what he was saying hit home for me personally and made kind of a neat memory for me.

July 26, 2008.

Today we got to go to the temple with Tyrell. He is getting ready to server a mission for our church. We were excited to be able to share this day with him. Congrats Tyrell!!!

July 23, 2008.

Yay!!! We finally get to celebrate Liberty's birthday. Actually it is only a day late, but when you're turning six even a day feels like forever:) We waited because we were moving into our new house this week and so that Liberty could celebrate with Grandma and Grandpa and all of the Aunt's and Uncle's. I think it was worth the wait, she hit the mother load as far as gifts go and thought her butterfly cupcake cake was pretty cool. Liberty is now a mighty six year old and ready for first grade!

July 20, 2008.

Grampy got the train going finally!!!! The kids were so excited. This is definately going to be one of their favorite memories of Grammy and Grampy's house

July 18 and July 20, 2008. A couple more shots of Brancyn. This first is when Judy met him and the second was the following Sunday. I love it when babies lay all curled up like that it is so cute.

July 12, 2008.
Grammy caught this funny shot of Liberty wearing Grampy's boots while riding her bike. I'm surprised she could even ride her bike:)

July 11, 2008.

Our first moving day. Well it's finally here - time to move out of our home. The move went well. We had lots of help and were able to get most of our stuff into the basement of the new home and a few things in a storage unit. Brancyn snoozed through a lot of it. The kids played at a friends house for most of the night (Thank you Bowlers!) And the rest were busy until close to midnight. We got one last shot in our empty home before heading to Grammy's for a week and a half. We won't be able to get into our new home until Monday the 21st.

July 8 and July 10, 2008.

Just a few shots of Brancyn his first week at home. It's fun to see how they change from one day to the next.

July 4, 2008.
As soon as we got home with Brancyn, Jack went nuts. He wanted to see what was in the baby carrier. It remined me of Lady and the Tramp. He was standing at the crib, trying to get a peak from underneath the crib, and then finally he gave up and waited paitently beside the crib hoping for a peek. Brancyn's crying didn't seem to bother him, but whenever he would make a squeak, Jack would come running to see what was up. I think it's because he sounded like a little puppy when he made those noises:)

July 4, 2008

The fourth of July started off with Kade and the kids coming up to the hospital to see me and Brancyn. I wanted a picture of everyone in their 4th outfits and I needed to do the girls hair (Kade still isn't very good at that one.) I was hoping to go to the parade witht them, but Brancyn was waiting for his circumcision still :( poor guy. So Kade took the kids to the parade and then came back for me. He said the kids had fun, but that the parade wasn't as good this year as some years. He probably just said that so I wouldn't feel bad about missing out, but that's fine it worked!

June 30, 2008

I'm going to try and play catch-up on the blog, but i'm not making any promises. So much has happened this month that I'll be doing good just to get the basics on here. Anyway, here is a fun one of Brylee. If anyone has been around Brylee in the last year, they will know that she has a huge fear of spiders. I've heard it compared to Aunt Elena's fear :) So today Brylee found a spider sitting on the counter. She let me know about it, but I told her not to worry about it. She just couldn't leave it alone, next thing I know she shows up in the kitchen - bat in hand-ready to take care of the spider! What a nut:)