March 13, 2008

Grammy found this cute Minnie Mouse for Brylee's birthday. I gave it to Brylee to sleep with and then went to get the camera to take a picture for Grammy. When I got back she wasn't just sleeping with it, she had to get up so she could really give it a good squeeze. Good find Grammy, you were right it is so soft and cuddley and already a favorite I think!

Time For the party! We had a Mickey Mouse themed party 'cuz that is Brylee's favorite show right now. The cake was simple, but fun and most importantly yummy! Grammy and Grampy came for dinner, presents, and cake. Brylee was thrilled to have them there for the party. She made off with quite a haul in the gift department and overall had a great day I think. I love celebrating my kids birthdays, what a fun day.

March 13, 2008. Brylee is two! She started off her big day excited to see that the 'birthday fairy' had brought balloons and the day just got better when mom let her lick the cake bowl!

March 10, 2008

March 8, 2008.

Carter, thanks for sharing your Birthday Party Favors even though we couldn't attend. The kids loved them!!! Hope you had a great party and Birthday!

It's a boy!!!!
Well we had our ultra sound today and they say it is 100% boy! So our numbers will be equal. But of course we don't have a name for a boy we only had a girl name picked out. So now we get to start that whole process again. They said the baby looked good, but is measuring 2 weeks big ( i hope that holds true) Who doesn't want to be done with pregnancy 2 weeks sooner than they thought they would be. But, as for now they are not going to change the due date they will just watch me and the baby and see how big it continues to measure. Anyways, that is our big news for the day. If anyone doubts the above statement, the proof is in the picture!! This kid has boy plumbing!!!