January 28, 2009

This gal I visit teach has started decorating cakes. She's hoping to get her name out there so that she can do cakes for her full-time job. I think she is very talented. She even entered a cake in the contest at the state fair. From what I understand she offers pretty competitive rates too. I know she mostly wants to do wedding cakes, but she has done other occasions too. Her blog is karassweetdesigns.blogspot.com She has a few pictures on there to give you an idea of what she's doing. I absolutely love her Halloween cake. She designed, made it, and then she and her husband enjoyed it! Anyways, she does cakes in Idaho and Utah so if you are in need send her an email.

January 23, 2009

I recieved this email from one of my old Relief Society Presidents from college. I thought I would post it on here to help her out. If you have the time and interest, go check it out for her.

I am sending this email to everyone in my address book. I am sorry if I haven't contacted some of you in a while. I am writing to ask everyone to visit my blog at http://motherhadasecret.blogspot.com/ and read the first two chapters of my book "Mother Had A Secret". If you like it, please leave a comment and tell me so. If you want to read more, please tell your friends to read it and pass it on. The book is about my childhood and what life was like living with a mother diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder.
The New York publishers won't even take the time to read it because I am not a celebrity and they don't want to take a chance on anyone who hasn't already made a name for themselves. My agent told me, however, that if I can get a large number of people to read the blog and leave their comments, then I can prove to the editors that there is a market for the book and influence them to publish it. Please, please, please help me with this. I need everyone's help if this is going to work! Let's show the publishers and the world that some of the most powerful and compelling stories come from ordinary people and aren't just found among celebrities.

Thanks for your help!


January 10, 2009

Kayson just came into my room a couple of minutes ago and says "where did Brylee get that fetch". Kade says "that what?" "That Fetch!" Then I remember Kade had given Brylee a frisbee to put away a few minutes before this. So the frisbee was a fetch. I love what kids come up with!

January 7, 2009

Here is a dumb Deidra moment for you.

So today I was trying to call my mom to ask her a question and nobody would pick up. I figured she must be on the ohter line so I just kept trying back every 15 min or so (They have call waiting, but don't usu it most of the time) Anyways, I finally get through and my brother answers the phone with some fake accent. I couldn't tell what he said, but I laughed and told him to go get mom. He continued with his accent and asked 'excuse me'. I was like, your good but not that good I can tell it's you Cheston. He still wouldn't pass the phone to my mom, so figuring he just wanted to chat for a minute I proceeded to tell him about when Kade pranked Halle into thinking she'd called pizza hut. Then I again ask him to go get mom. At this point I hear a click. I'm was thinking 'no way did he just hang up on me'. Then I started to get a sinking feeling in my stomach as I thought to see what number I'd called. Yeah, I'd called a hotel out in Utah in between trying my mom and had forgotten. So some desk clerk in Utah is thinking what a looney I am today. And thank goodness he doesn't know me. Oh brother!!!

January 6, 2009

Santa brought me some cute little elves to decorate my house with next year. The kids have loved them. I have caught Brylee hugging them on many occasions when she thinks no one is looking. And Brancyn just thinks they are his buddies. So here are a couple of videos of Brancyn with them. I thought they were pretty cute, but maybe only a mother appreciates them:)

Kayson, Liberty, Brylee
Deidra, Brancyn, Kade
January 1, 2008.
Happy new year. Hope you all have a great year and make good progress on any resolutions you might have!

Kade and Seth working together against the enemy!

Brogan, Liberty, and Kayson. They really
enjoyed this tent. They slept in it and played
in it.
Gavin, Hunter, and Brylee.
Gavin is so funny, he is so shy that I
couldn't hardly get him to look me in the eye
the whole time he was there. He would just
look down and smile. What a cutie!

Gillian making candy with all the kids.

The kids each had a turn crushing candy
canes for the candy they made.

December 29-31, 2008
Gillian, Seth, Brogan, and Gavin came to visit us the week after Christmas. It was a lot of fun to see them, we seem to only get together a couple of times a year. Mich, Shaun, Hunter, and Brielle also came for most of the time. We enjoyed good food, High School Musical Dance on the Wii as well as lots of Wii sporting events, visiting, and playing games. We were really glad they made the effort to come.

Brancyn in the middle of the loot

The kids impatiently waiting to open gifts

The stockings were filled.

The prized lightning McQueen tent!

December 25, 2008.
Well the kids were up at seven, except Brancyn. We had to wake him-no one could stand to wait another second (He usually gets up about then anyways, so don't feel too bad for him:) We heard the kids excited whispering and it was fun to lay in bed and just listen. We were surprised they actually didn't ask us to come open presents for about 15 min. They were so enthralled with the lightning McQueen tent that they weren't even worried about it at first. But eventually they were ready. I think everyone was happy with what they received. After we were done opening gifts, we did a quick check of the weather. It was not good and getting worse by the minute so we rushed to pack up and get to Grammy and Grampy's before it would be impossible. We had tons of new snow and called Grammy to make sure her road was ok. She said it was and kind of acted like she didn't know why we were worried. Visibility wasn't great all the way to Rigby and then about the time we hit Yellowstone highway it was like some flipped a switch it was just fine. No wonder grammy thought we were being a little over cautious! Well we made and enjoyed a quite Christmas. Grammy made a nice ham. We watched movies and enjoyed our treats from our stockings. We also got to play with cousins the next day to finish off the holiday.

December 24, 2008
Christmas Eve! Kade had to work for half of the day today, so while he was at work the rest of us rushed to get the house in order so we'd be able to just play the rest of the day. At about 11:00 we had a couple of surprise visitors. Grammy, Grampy, and Sadie were in town looking for Christmas presents and they stopped by to say hi. We invited them to stay and enjoy Christmas Eve lunch with us - homemade pizza! They accepeted and we had a fun lunch time. After they left we watched movies, read books, and then finally it was getting late. We had our traditional turkey tostados for dinner, read the Christmas story out of the Bible, the night before Christmas, and finally opened our family gift. Chutes and Ladders! The kids enjoyed that, then fianlly (thank goodness) it was time for bed. Oh wait, back to the family room to check where Santa is. Ok now it's time for bead. Wait! We forgot to lay our stocking out. Ok now we really made it to bed so that Santa could come!!!

December 22, 2008.
Well I guess it's time to play catchup on the blog. I've been thinking of doing it for the last 4 or 5 days, but I was just enjoying the slow down in pace too much to delve into all of this. I finally decided I better get to it though. We left off right before Christmas. On Monday the 22nd we went to Grammy and Grampy's house for our 2nd annual nativity program. This year Quin and Natalie were able to be there. It was fun, and noisy, and a little crazy like it always is with this crowd, but also lots of fun. We all dressed up. Halle had the privelege of being Mary this year while the rest of us had the option of Romans, Shepherds, Angels, Wise Men, or Townspeople. Next we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus (cute song, but makes me feel a little bit like I'm singing with the Baptists:) Finally we finished up the night with our gift exchange. We did it early since everyone could be there that night. The kids loved it and the fun gifts definately helped pass the time until Christmas morning. Thanks Grammy and Grampy for a fun night.