May 28, 2009


I just wanted to post this correction for the song Book of Mormon Stories in case any of you have been singing it wrong for your whole life. It is "all about the womanites in ancient history". At least that is how Brylee has been singing it this afternoon:)

May 19, 2009

Kade said my visiting teaching experience today sounded like one Elena would have on her blog, so I thought maybe I better blog it. I kind of ramble and it is long-but I wanted it to look back on. Enjoy if you care to. Maybe it will help me let go of all of the tension I'm feeling at the moment. Anyways, today I had to go Visiting Teaching. I usually try to trade babysitting with a neighbor friend so that I won't have to bring my kids, but it didn't work out this time. So I had to take the kids. We've been talking a lot about consequences at our house, so before we left we reviewed. I told the kids that if they read their books nicely and didn't cause a lot of problems the consequence would be that they could come home and play until dinner-no chores. I told them that if they didn't behave their would be big trouble. So off we went. When we got there, the lady I visit teach had forgotten that we were coming so she had paper spread around on her floor that she was working on. I told her not to worry about it and sent my kids to different areas of the room to read their books. I held Brancyn. Before long Brancyn wanted down, but of course couldn't 'cuz of the papers-so instead he just started yelling at everyone-loudly! So I switched place with my v.t. partner so that i could try and corral him in another part of the room where he could wiggle around. I thought we were good. Nope, a minute later Brylee tells me she thinks Brancyn is stinky ( i didn't bring a diaper bag-we were only goning to be gone for 45 min) So, I asked if we could do the lesson in case I would need to leave soon. I got about two sentences into the lesson when Brylee catches my attention and points at Brancyn. He had had an all out blow out. There was poop up his back and a pile of it all over this lady's entry rug. I was so embarrased. Then I had to go use her bathroom to clean him up. I felt bad 'cuz it made her feel put on the spot about her untidy bathroom ( I totally didn't care whether it was clean or not) But she was trying to spruce up and clean the toilet around me 'cuz she was embarassed ( I felt so bad, I know how it feels to get caught with your house not as clean as I would like) Then I remembered I didn't even have a diaper with me. So my v.t. partner said she'd run home and grab one ( she lives just around the corner) So she did, and we got Brancyn all cleaned up. Back to the living room to finish the lesson. By this point I had lost all of the kids -they were scattering her papers, playing with some noisy monkey toy, climbing on banana chairs and hurting themselves. I couldn't regain order for anything. I even sent them out to the porch, but then it was in and out in and out. ARRRGGGGHHH! At this point I seriously started to tear up ( but hide it) because I was so embarraseed and flustered. My v.t. partner and the lady we visit were so kind about the whole thing and kept assuring me they knew how it was, but I still felt so dumb. Anyways, moral of the story is AVOID taking kids visiting teaching with you if you can. And as for consequences-they aren't good when you behave like this for your mother!