February 13, 2008

It happened, AGAIN! Today we went to Idaho Falls to get some stuff from Lowes for our house. Deidra went to the store alone with the kids for about an hour while I went to an appointment. The entire time she had to keep telling the kids to stop climbing on and under stuff.
I met them at the store when my appointment was over and we were finishing up our shopping. Deidra had to go back to the back of the store and while she was back there Kayson was playing under one of their large roll around ladders. As he was stepping out he tripped and fell flat on his head. Then came the "SCREAM" as Deidra is walking back to the isle she sees about 3 people start to rush over to see what happened and tells them, "It's not as serious as it sounds" before she had even seen the wound. She just didn't want them to all come over and make us fill out accident reports.


Elena said...

YIKES! Glad he didn't get a concussion. He looks like he's growing a horn or something. Poor kid.

Natalie and Quin said...

Is he growing the horn because he is Mormon? lol.

Tressie Farley said...

Ouch, dude! That looks really painful!