July 9, 2008

July 9, 2008.

Brylee has been cracking us up lately, so I thought I would write down some of her funnies. They might only be funny to me, but I wanted to get them recorded for later before I forget them.

Brylee is such a Daddy's girl. She asks for him all day long, especially when she needs comfort. So, the other day I was changing Brancyn and he wasn't very happy about it because of his circumcision. He was screaming pretty good. Brylee was watching and she got a pretty serious look on her face and says "He want Daddy". Then the very next day Kade had the kids at church. It was fast and testimony meeting and there was a lady at the pulpit that started crying. Again she got all serious, turns to Kade and says "Her needs her Daddy". I guess Dad's are the only ones that offer good comfort in her mind. Mom's just must be the source of all pain and affliction :)

On the fourth of July, we had Grammy and Grampy over for a B-B-Q since we weren't up to being out and about yet. I kept telling the kids we were going to have a barbeque, but Brylee just kept asking what we were doing. Finally I realized she proabably didn't know what a barbeque was, so I told her we were having a picnic in our house. This cleared it up for her, but then she revealed what she had been thinking by telling me her 'barbie' was in her room. She probably couldn't figure out why Grammy and Grampy were coming over to play Barbies.

Today Brylee's hair was a little wild and I hadn't had time to tame it yet. While she was trying to put her flip flops on to go outside, her hair kept falling in her face. So, in frustration she brushes it out of her eyes and the looks at me and says 'I need bandaids (rubberbands) in my hair:)


Elena said...

Her and her dad. That's so cute. I think I need a Brancyn fix. I can't wait to see him again.