February 15, 2009

February 14, 2009

While the kids were napping, Kade and I filled their gift bags with homemade fudge and strawberry flavored rice crispy treats. Kade had also picked up balloons at the dollar store for them. So, we tied those to the gift bags as well. They thought that was all pretty fun. Finally we finished off the night with Pizza, rootbeer, and our new movie Prince Caspian. I think the kids enjoyed it. And I love doing Valentines like this. Kade and I usually try to have a date night a few days before or after, but it is such a nightmare finding a babysitter or a good place to eat on Valentines . So a family affair is lot's more fun for us.

February 14, 2009.
We started off our valentines day with a trip to the new Artic Circle play zone. I took the kids out by myself. Kade opted out of this one. Everyone enjoyed burgers, fries, rootbeer, and then a yummy courtesy cone. And then they were off and running. After so much snow it is fun to take them somewhere where they can get a few wiggles out.

February 14, 2009.

Brancyn cut his first tooth today! He's been a bit fussy this week and not eating or sleeping so well, so I thought he might be cutting a tooth. But, I didn't bother looking until this morning and sure enough he has one just barely poking through on the bottom. Yeah for teething:(

February 10, 2009

The kids looked so cute bundled up to go outside today (especially Brancyn in his tiny little mittens) that I just couldn't resist a pictue ( Don't worry , I didn't forget that I have another kid, Liberty was at school when we took this:)

February 10, 2009

February 9, 2009

Brancyn was my big helper today. He was 'helping' me tons as I tried to put some valentine decorations together.

February 5, 2009
Brylee came out the bathroom today with my makeup all over her face. I started laughing and then told her she didn't quite get it in the right place. She then pointed at her eyebrows and said "just these were off". I guess she thought her blonde eyebrows needed a little help:)


Brylee, Kayson, Brancyn, Liberty

February 2, 2009.
I had my camera out to take pictures of Brancyn getting stuck. The rest of the kids started asking to have their picture taken-and who can resist a request like that. So, here are my kids in all of their candid glory!

How many times can one person get stuck in the same position?

February 9, 2009

February 8, 2009

Febrary 5, 2009

Febrary 2, 2009
Obviously plenty! And this is only a handful of times compared to how often he gets stuck. Brancyn has mastered rolling, and turning in circles, as well as pushing himself backwards, but he just can't figure out how to put himself in drive once he has reversed into these fun positions. What a goof.

Not a whole lot happened at our house in January so I really don't have much to blog, so these next few posts are mostly for recording stuff for my next photo book. So enjoy if you care to, or don't :)

January 24, 2009.
Poor Brylee was waiting for dinner and just
couldn't hold out any longer. She fell asleep
right on the kitchen floor:)

January 14, 2009.
We have a little cheese monster at
our house (Brylee) and I think
she struck again. Usually there are
little nibbles missing from around the
edges, like a little mouse has been at it,
but this time she went full out. You
can tell she probably got one BIG mouthful
of cheese!
January 13, 2009.
I just got the urge to take some pics of Brancyn
tonight. You never now when there might be
a specific reason for that, so I just went with
the feeling. This was one of the best.