August 14, 2009

August 1, 2009

Our dancers showed up today. We got to have Yosuke (Yo Skay) Togami and Yukinobu (Yoo Key No Boo) at our house. They are from Japan. Their group had an awesome drum performance, it was supposed to be the martial arts of drumming and it was amazing. They had a totally synchronized drumming routine. Anyways, they showed up Saturday and we had about 3 hrs to feed them, get them settled, and entertain them before they had to go and rehearse for the Dance Festival opening cerimonies. They didn't speak very much English at all and we of course didn't speak Japanese, so there was a lot of charades going on all week, but everyone had a good sense of humor about it and we made it through even with a language barrier. The first day here, we took them to see the LDS Rexburg Temple and the gardens on the BYU-I campus. They seemed to enjoy that and the kids already started to bond with them as they offered piggy-back rides and wanted to take everyones picture:)
After showing the guys around town, we dropped them off to get ready for Opening Cerimonies. We took the kids to the show and we all had a good time. It was a little long for the little ones to sit, but overall they did great. And it was so fun to cheer for our guys, because they were already "our guys".


Tonya said...

How fun. What a great opportunity for you and your kids and how wonderful of you all to be such great hosts.

kylie lloyd said...

Hey, sounds like a fun adventure. That would be interesting to try or have happen.