September 1, 2009

August 8, 2009.

Today they had a gift exchange between the dance teams and the Chamber of Commerce as well as a dancers and host family picnic. The weather turned pretty chilly on us so they moved that 'picnic' to the Heart Auditorium. It was a fun day, but a little melancholy. We knew our time with our dancers was drawing to a close so it was a little sad.
Yosuke and Kayson
Yosuke, Brancyn, and Yuki. Everybody loved Brancyn from the Japanese team. I think he got enough cheek pinching and head rubbing to last anyone a lifetiem:)
Yosuke and Brylee
Kade and Brancyn. This week has thoroughly worn Brancyn out.

I didn't catch a picture of Liberty today, she was having too much fun running around.