March 24, 2010

February 21, 2010

Michelene had her baby today! Hunter and Brielle came to our house last night for an impromptu sleepover while Mich and Shaun headed off to the hospital. Mich was in labor but slowed down when they gave her some antibiotics. So the put her on Pit and that got things moving again. She had baby Archer Sunday Morning.

Brancyn and Brielle enjoyed some tub time Sunday morning while we waited for news from mom and dad.

This is a picture of baby Archer when he is two weeks old. ( I didn't get pictures until then). Anybody that knows the daddy of this kid would say there is NO question who he belongs to:)

Brylee meeting her new cousin.

Liberty having her turn

Kayson had a turn too, but I missed it while I was off getting dinner on the table.


Janet said...

He's a little clone like Cameron.

Tiffany said...

tell her, "Congrats!" He is adorable. I thought I would just click on the link to her blog, but apparently it's private these days!