November 29, 2010

November 25, 2010

I never seem to remember to get pictures at Thanksgiving. Luckily this year I remembered a few (thanks to the constant reminder of Halle walking through the house with her Flip camera:).
This year we gathered at Grammy and Grampy's. All but Quin and his fam were there. We had all of the traditional fixin's and even got to enjoy some of Bryon's fabulous deep fried turkey. Mmmmm!

It was so cold today, that Bryon had a little trouble getting the oil hot enough. But, he got it done and it was appreciated by all. As were the wonderful turkeys Grammy had cooked in the oven.

Grandma braved the cold and slick roads and came to joing the family for the meal.

The kids enjoyed a slow lazy day. Grampy let them watch movies on his new laptop and they thought that was a lot of fun.

The next day, it warmed up enough to pull out the snow clothes and sleds. Grampy wanted to get in on the fun, so he hooked the train up to his tractor, tied a sled to the back end and took all of the grandkids for a ride through the yard and out into the "forest". They were really cruisin' on this thing and loved every minute.
We finished off the weekend with Black Friday shopping, a sleepover with cousins, and a Christmas party with the Farley Family. It was busy, but fun. The holidays are in full swing!!!