November 2, 2008

October 28, 2008

Kayson, Brylee, Brancyn, and I have started to go to the Nature Park to feed the ducks while waiting for Liberty to finish her piano lessons. There are a few of the animals that have become quite aggresive. I caught a fun video of it here. Sorry about the smudges. I didn't realize that some little finger had touched my lens-thus the smudge. I think it kind of messed up the focus on the camera, but you'll still get a kick out of the video. Make sure you turn it up. Kayson's laugh is half the fun!


Natalie and Quin said...

I remember having geese growing up and they can be mean if you don't behave how they want you to. At least there was the bench in the way.

Elena said...

I love that he laughed. That would have scared some kids right out of their pants.

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious. So cute.