December 18, 2008

December 17, 2008.

Liberty had her very first piano recital today. I'm sad I missed it. We still had a bunch of sickies at our house. But Kade and Kayson went and cheered her on and Kade recorded it for the rest of us. Kade said she was way nervous. But, she did pretty good.

December 13, 2008.
The kids had a lot of fun decorating their gingerbread houses. We barely got pictures of them before the candy started disappearing off of them though. The temptation is just too great. Brylee was overjoyed when Dad came home with a plate full of goodies for her to make one too. Our neighbors were very thoughtful to make sure she didn't feel left out despite being sick (Thank You!) I love their idea for the Christmas trees. I'd never seen that, but they used upside down sugar cones covered in green frosting and then the kids decorated them too. How cute.

December 13, 2008.

The kids got to go to the neighbors today to make gingerbread houses. Brylee and I were sick so we couldn't go. Brylee was sooo disappointed and I felt bad for her, so even though she was sick I gave her a sugar cookie to try and cheer her up. Later I saw her with a second one and told her she better not eat anymore. Then she tells me, 'cookies are for sick people, huh?' Oh great, what am I teaching my kids:) I told her no usually sick people shouldn't eat treats I was just trying to help you be happy since you didn't get to go the party. I don't think she believed me. Now cookies are going to be for sick people at our house. Oh brother!

December 11, 2008.
I was painting my room today and had Brancyn in the room with me. I had set him on the floor to play and then gone back to work. When I stopped to check on him a minute later, this is how I found him.

He is only five months old and he was already peeking under the bed trying to find his Christmas presents. He must be a Smith!!!!!

December 7, 2008

Tonight we gathered around the television to watch the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional. Despite Brancyn screaming through most of it, Kayson climbing all over the couch, and Brylee not being able to sit still, we did enjoy it. When it was President Monson's turn to speak, Brylee saw him and leaned over to Kade and said, "That's President Monster."

December 1, 2008

Well Thanksgiving is over and it is on to Christmas!! Poor Thanksgiving didn't get any pictures (as usual). I guess I'm too busy stuffing my face and laying around all day to worry about pics. Not to mention stuffing face pics aren't always the most glamorous. So anyways, on to the fun of Christmas. We started off by decorating the mommy tree on Sunday and then the kid tree on Monday. We also started our count-up to Christmas bags on Monday. The first one had ornaments to make as well as a paper that told us to take a goofy family picture. So here are the pics.

December 6, 2008

December 6, 2008

My niece, Halle, is getting baptized today. My kids must have been trying to explain this to Brylee, but somehow didn't get the idea across to her. When Kade was putting her to bed, she asked are they going to hold Halle under the water. Kade kind of laughed and said, well she's going to go under the water, but I don't think they are going to hold her under. Then the kids must have also clued her in on the confirmation process and recieving the Holy Ghost because next she told Kade she didn't want that scary ghost. Then this morning as soon as she popped up she said I don't want to be baptized. I guess we are going to have to have a family home evening lesson on Baptism and explain the finer points to her:)