June 25, 2008

June 25, 2008.

The first fruits of my garden! I started a strawberry patch last year and then added to it this year and it seems to be doing well. These are my first 3 ripe strawberries and there are at least a couple more dozen that will be ripe within the week with plenty more to follow after that. I'm so excited it's doing well. Kade and I have decided we will definately make the effort to start another one at our new house after seeing how well this one is doing:)

June 25, 2008.
I got a call at 2:30 a.m. last night telling me that Michelene was headed to the hospital. So I rushed over to stay with Hunter. Thank goodness they didn't wait any longer 'cuz Michelene gave birth to Brielle Jean Clark an hour later at 3:30 a.m. She barely got to the hospital in time to have her water break and have the baby. I can't believe how fast she came. They said she had only been awake since 1:30 counting minutes between contractions. So from start to finish it was a whole two hours!!!! Anyway, mom and baby seem to be doing fine. As a side note the baby weighed 6lbs 9 oz. She is a tiny little thing, a whole pound lighter than Hunter was. She definately has the family look, but still has her own look as well. Hopefully I'll get some better pics in the next couple of days. The lighting wasn't great in there, but I got the best one I could. Well the race is over so now it's my turn. One week left!!!!:)

June 24, 2008


If you have a tried and true recipe that your family loves, PLEASE share it. Post a recipe on your blog and then be sure to comment here with the title of your recipe.(i.e. Deidra says....Black Bean Brownies; that's all you have to type.) That way anyone can quickly look at the recipe names listed and see if they'd like to read more about it. Be sure to tell your blog readers to post their recipe title on your own comments, etc., etc. The more the merrier in this game. Let's just see how many recipe ideas we can come up with on this first official Try-It-Tuesday!!

I had the chance to try this recipe out the other night at our Relief Society Enrichment Night. The idea of all of the dishes was to bring something that used food storage items, but this recipe goes beyond that, it’s actually a pretty healthy treat and the taste difference is not very noticeable. By using the black beans in the brownie mix, you get brownies with way less fat and cholesterol and with more protein. Give it a try, they are pretty good. A lot of the women said they have made them for their families without letting them know the difference and no one picked up on it. Only those that knew what was being used could maybe tell the difference.

Black Bean Brownies

1 Box brownie mix
1 can black beans

Drain and rinse beans. Put beans back in can and fill with water. Puree beans and water. Pour into brownie mix and mix well. No other ingredients are needed. Bake in 9x13 pan according to box instructions.

Have fun!

June 20, 2008

June 17, 2008.

Where did I get all these extra kids from? It seems we always have half of the neighborhood over at any given point. The kids love it. As for me depends on the day. Being 3 weeks from delivering number four and trying to keep my house ready to show potential buyers at any given point I don't exactly love all the company, but I try to be patient. But my patience ran out today. Every time Kade or I went out to check on the kids one of them was spraying Brylee, dumping sand in the swimming pool, or letting water out of the pool so that we couldn't keep it filled. I wasn't exactly pleased at that point, but still tried not to lose my cool to much. But the kicker was later when they got tired of the water. Some of the 'lovely' neighbor kids then found a bottle of rainex and a bottle of turtle wax and proceeded to spray the trampoline, the car, the fence, and you guessed it Brylee. She always gets the brunt of whatever mischief is going on it seems. So here is where I lost my cool, grounded friends from coming to our house for two days and then tried to get Brylee's eyes rinsed out. Let me tell you, rinsing out a toddlers eyes for the suggested 15 min is near impossible. I stressed all night about whether or not I'd done a good enough job. But thank goodness she woke up the next morning looking 100% better. The picture of Brylee is pathetic. She didn't really look as bad as the picture shows, I think we caught her mid-blink. But I was definately as grumpy as the picture shows and not exactly thrilled to be recording it for posterity. Oh well, maybe I'll laugh someday.

June 16, 2008.
The kids finally got to go the spray park today. It has been open since memorial weekend, but way too cold to be able to go. They all loved it, but surpisingly Brylee was the bravest of them all. She even went up to the water slide by herself to try it out. Poor thing got stuck up there though 'cuz it was so crazy and she couldn't figure out where to go. So I tried sending Kayson up to save her, he got halfway up before coming back screaming about the water falling on his head. Finally it was up to Liberty. She wasn't any more excited about going up than Kayson, but I talked (forced) her into it. She went up grabbed Brylee and they both went on the water slide. I'm glad they finally tried it. They were too intimidated last year because of all the water that might hit you in the face. Hopefully after all that they'll enjoy it more this year.

June 11, 2008

June 10, 2008.

Wahoo! The carousel is finally open. My kids love riding this thing all summer long. And since Kade works for the city, it is actually one of our perks. Sorry the pics aren't great. I was going to get some pics before it started going, but we got there just as they were ready to go, so I had to snap pics from where I was sitting. Kaysons worked out best because he was behind me. Oh well.

June 10, 2009.
Like I said, Jack is getting just so much attention. Liberty said this was his dog house that she built for him. He really didn't seem to mind this one, being burrowed under all of those pillows. Even though it's supposed to be his dog house, all I could think of was the princess and the pea (especially with Jack's spoiled-I'm a person attitude. We actually almost named him Prince because of his personality:)

June 9, 2008.
UNDERDOG! Poor Jack is getting more attention than he cares for now that it is summer break. He's such a patient little pup though. You could see that he wasn't overly thrilled with being underdog, but he let the kids do their thing without trying to get out of his costume, that is until they ran outside then he immediately took it all off as fast as he could. But, what a good dog to let them have their fun!

June 6, 2008.

Kayson was so excited for his tipi party today. He was bouncing off the walls all day. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate. It was so windy that we snapped a couple of tipi poles when setting it up. And Kade barely missed being hurt badly when then tipi collapsed. Thank goodness he was all right. So anyway, for the party we set up a smaller tipi in the family room for just Carter and Kayson to sleep in. That seemed to keep them happy enough. Kayson loved the presents and cake of course. Thanks to all that came and for your nice gifts. (Oh and Quin and Natalie, Kayson had fun shopping with his gift card. He got some new trains to go on his wood train track set. He picked out a 'fast' train:)

June 4, 2008

June 4, 2008.
It's Kayson's birthday today. He's pretty excited to be as old as Carter and to get a whole vitamin at bedtime tonight instead of just a half:) We'll post more on the birthday stuff after his party on Friday. Hopefully it will be fun. We had planned to have tipi party but the weather is looking like it won't cooperate, so we are going to have to improvise.

June 4, 2008.

Kade pulled a muscle in his leg a couple of weeks ago when he was playing baseball, so he's been icing it daily trying to recover. Of course the kids have noticed this and have even been asked to get the ice for him from time to time. So, today we were having story time and Brylee jumps up saying she needs to get the ice. She had found a days old scratch on her foot and needed to ice it:) What a goofball!

June 2, 2008

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