July 9, 2009

June 10, 2009

Sleepover Time!!! The kids have been begging for a sleepover with cousins for months. I put them off until summer time, but they day of reckoning finally came. So we invited Halle and Carter over. The kids enjoyed pizza, 'pink juice', strawberry icecream and strawberry cake. Doesn't that sound like perfect sleepover food? Then it was time for wii, videos(hotel for dogs), and lots of giggling and screaming. Kade even supervised for a few hours. I had girls night out from 9-11 that night. I got Brancyn to bed and said goodby. It sounds like he faired well and everyone was in one piece when I got back home! I think everyone had fun. I know my kids did. Thanks cousins for a great night!

Halle, Liberty, and Brlee playing Webkinz
Carter and Kayson making a disaster of his room:)

Enjoying some yummy strawberry cake and ice cream