October 14, 2010

August 14-21, 2010

This year we had a fun Farley Family Reunion in Washington. Everyone was able to be there except for Tyrell since he is all the way over in Africa. We converged on my parents home and made a tent city out of their yard. We decided to make their house our home base, but go to other areas during the day for entertainment and to beat the heat. We went to the Lake to swim one day, up to the mountains to play games and play in a stream another day. We went back to the river another day, but to play lawn games and just sit in the nice breeze. And we went to the park one day for water games and horseshoes. We also enjoyed a lot of great food, visiting, and a skit night while we were all together. It was a fun, but busy week.

Kade enjoying the shade and breeze at the lake.

Brancyn testing out the water.

Brylee found a floating toy and was having the time of her life.

Liberty, Tressie, Kayson
Liberty and Kayson were brave and went deep into the water and even rowed themselves around in a little raft.

Left Side: Gillian, Kylie, and Dana
Right Side: Achsah, Grandpa, and Michelene
Enjoying card games up in the mountains.

Napua, Leilani, and Codi.
We got to see Codi for the first time in almost three years this week. We were also so excited to meet her beautiful daughters.

Liberty, Vaughny, Grandma, Gavin, Gillian, and Brylee enjoying some card games of their own.

Hunter, Rileigh, and Makenna exploring near the stream.

Brancyn getting a much needed nap in Kade's arms.

Roasting Hot Dogs for Dinner.
Brancyn, Kade, and Kordell

Brylee and Brancyn both had to try their hand at croquet.

Cheston, Tressie, Kade, and Grandma got in on the action too.

Finally our long week was over and it was time for the LONG ride home. This part isn't our favorite, but it is well worth it to enjoy such good times with family.