October 14, 2010

September 23 and 25, 2010

These are just a couple of random pics that I wanted to make sure would end up in my photo book at the end of the year.
I was babysitting Brielle the other day and she and Brancyn were sitting by each other. I asked Brancyn to lean his head by Brielle for a picture so he put his hand on her forehead. I laughed and said "no, lean your head by her head". He put his hand on her forehead again. I could see this wasn't going to work, so I asked Brielle to lean her head over by Brancyn. Finally we got it. And it was just such a cute picture for our effort.
Brancyn and Brielle
Kade was playing on the computer one day and Brancyn was repeatedly trying to take the mouse from him and push the keys for him. So I finally got an old keyboard out and set him up with his own chair. He was content for quite awhile. These two are just so much alike. Brancyn is more than willing to watch ball or play computer with Kade anytime.


Grammy said...

Brancyn looks like such a big kid in that top picture. He is going to be a looker.