October 14, 2010

July 31, 2010

Liberty was Baptized today. She was so excited. It was such a great day for me too. It is pretty neat to see your children take these wonderful steps that you know will lead them back to their Heavenly Father. And I appreciated Liberty's attitude about it. We had gone over the missionary discussions for Family Home Evening the month before she was baptized and she was very attentive. She knew most of it already, but we made sure to answere any questions she might have. It made me feel like she went into Baptism knowing as much as her little 8 year old mind could know and being really prepared. Kade Baptized and Confirmation her and Uncle Jarom and Grampy witnessed the Baptism and stood in on the Confirmation. We were so glad that Unlce Jarom made a special effort to come to the Baptism. He was camping with his scouts that weekend and drove down to the Baptism quickly that morning before he had to rush back to be with the scouts. It made it so we could use family for the witnesses instead of whoever just happened to be around and we appreciated that he did that. Thanks Uncle Jarom!