October 14, 2010

July 15-26, 2010

This year, Kade and I went through the process of being licenesed to be foster parents. We got our fist chance to try it out in July. We did respite care for Dane for about 12 days. Respite care is when you watch the kids for a short amount of time while they find permanent placement for them or if the family they are staying with is leaving for vacation and isn't allowed to take them with them. Dane was a lot of fun and definitely a learning experience for us. It is hard to say from such a short stay, whether or not it was the right thing for our family. So, we agreed we'd try it at least another time or two before we make a decision on wether or not to continue doing it regularly. So far the chance has not presented itself, but that is ok we are not in any hurry:)
Dane was a busy little boy and our days seemed to go better if we could plan an activity, so . . . .

We went to the Craze Fun Zone on the 15th to play in the tunnels and with the train table.

We went canoeing with cousins on the 17 th

Dane tried his hand at soccer when he joined Kayson and Kade for soccer practice on the 17th.
We fed the ducks at the Nature Park on the 22nd
We also headed back to the Craze Fun Zone to try our hand at miniature golf on the 22nd. (This days activites were to keep Liberty busy too while she waited anxiously for her big birthday party.)
It was a fun couple of weeks, but exhausting!