July 23, 2009

July 22, 2009.
Liberty had a slow easy going kind of day for her birthday. She didn't have to do chores since it was her birthday so instead she rode her bike, played with the neighbor kids, and enjoyed a good book. This was how she filled her day while the rest of us were slaving away to get the house clean, make a cake, and a birthday dinner:) Finally it was evening and party time. Grammy and Grampy came over for the big event. We also had Hunter and Brielle (it was my day to babysit them).

For dinner Liberty chose . . . . . Homemade Hawaiian Pizza! We also enjoyed salad and 'pink juice'.

After dinner it was present time! Liberty got a lot of things from her wish list as well as a few surprises. She got a couple of shirts, a hot dog roaster, soccer ball, tennis balls, hula hoop, bubble gum, high school musical cd's, high school musical pom pom's, a locking diary, and some cook books. She also recieved some nice cards (Thank you: Quin and Natalie, Grandma Ruby, and Great Grandma Farley) She is looking forward to spending her cash!

Next we headed outside for some time in the pool and a hula hoop show.
The grown-ups were boring and just sat around:)

Finally it was time for the cake. Strawberry with cookies and cream ice cream on the side. It was a fun party. Happy Birthday Liberty!

July 22, 2009

Liberty is seven today!!! She is just getting to be such a little lady. I still remember these days . . . .

But she is such a big help to me now and turning into a little friend that enjoys girl talks, shopping, and helping in the kitchen. I love you Liberty!!!

July 9, 2009

July 7. 2009
Finally, my last catch-up post. I feel like I've written a book today:) Our first soccer games of the season were tonight. It was a little crazy trying to get to both games, and watch my niece and nephew, but we made it. As Kade puts it, Kayson is more of a scrapper than we thought he would be. He got right in there and enjoyed himself. He even scored a couple of goals. I think he'll continue to like soccer, but we'll see. Liberty also had fun, but she plays more like me. She seems to enjoy the game, but not the aggressiveness of other players. So when she's at practice it is a lot of fun, but during game time she gets a little more hesitant. We'll see if that goes away with a few more games or not. Either way they both seem to enjoy themselves and I'm glad they get the opportunity to play on a team

Kayson with his team. He's the red guy right up front. Just a funny side story. There was a live mouse on the field that the kids found during Kayson's game. Our substitute coach for the night was a girl and didn't want to have anything to do with it, so the coach from the other team had to go and kick it off the field. It was pretty funny.

Liberty in an action shot! This was hard to get 'cuz she tended to hang around the back of the pack most of the time.

The spectators

Hunter and his AWESOME sunglasses:)

July 4, 2009
The Idaho Falls fireworks were awesome like usual. And amazingly enough all of the kids stayed awake for the whole show! We enjoyed the fireworks with cousins, Grammy, and friends. It was a great show, but we were definately ready for bed by the end.


Kayson, Halle, Alyssa, Liberty

Kade, Grammy,

Brancyn, Brylee

Brancyn fell asleep with his new phone one the way home. He was pushing buttons on it right up until he fell asleep. I think that present was a winner:)

July 4, 2009.
Brancyn got a monkey cake for his birthday 'cuz he is such a 'little monkey'. He couldn't figure out the blowing out the candle thing, so Halle helped him out. He definately enjoyed the cake and icecream though. I was glad to see him enjoy it after having a mostly crummy birthday and not feeling up to doing or eating much else. Brancyn finished off with a quick bath in Grammy's sink and then we were off to the fireworks.

July 4, 2009
On to the party time. We did our usual hamburgers for the 4th, but decided to do homemade french fries as a side thinking that Brancyn might be able to enjoy those a little more than chips. Then it was time for gifts. Brancyn was happy with the first gift and could have stopped there, but in the end I think he was happy with the assortment of things he got.

Here is a lovely face stuffing picture. Starting at the top of the circle and going right we have Kate, Brancyn, Kayson, Carter, Liberty, Halle, and Brylee.

Brancyn opening gifts with mom.

Elena got a smile out of him! Brancyn is usually so sweet and full of smiles, but since he didn't feel really great today he kept crying at everyone. Elena was pleased to finally get a smile out of him.

July 4, 2009
I'm going to have to do the 4th in about three posts 'cuz there are just too many pics. We started our big day off with the parade, of course. Everyone rushed to be up and ready in time. And we made it-patriotic clothing and all. We got to go to Grammy's parade this year because we had spent the night there.

Brylee, Grammy, Brancyn, Liberty, and Kayson

Brancyn, Deidra, Kade

Brylee, Kayson, and Liberty

Brylee and Brancyn in their sweet

ride on the way to the parade

Everyone enjoying the parade. Doesn't it feel kind of like a where's waldopicture? Let's see if you can pic out Jarom, Elena,Carter, Kayson, Kate, Alyssa, Halle, Liberty. Now if you got all of those, see if you can find Deidra, Kade, and Brylee. We are a little bit harder to find 'cuz we are mostly hidden:)

Poor Brancyn still wasn't feeling very well
today. He couldn't hold out for the end of the parade.
I have to say that if I was him I wouldn't be all that
impressedwith the 4th of July. Last year he was being
circumcised duringthe parade and this year he was battling
with Roseola. Poorkid, hopefully next year will be better.

July 3, 2009.
Somehow this is the only picture I got at my class reunion. I saw that some people had more pics posted on facebook, but I'm going to have to try and figure out how to get them from them. So for now this is what I've got. These are two of my best friends from high school. Tiff and Nic. Tiff is about ready to pop here any day with her first kid and Nic is on the mend from some not so fun health issuses. It was fun to see both of them as well as the other friends and acquaintaces that were there. It was a better turn out than our five year reunion, but still a little on the small side. Oh well, we had fun anyways.

Update: I was able to snag a picture from a classmate on facebook. So here is some of the group I was able to see at the reunion. Starting with Nicole in the orange, then Tiff (and husband Miles), Me, Kade, Kelly, and Matt. We also sat with Morgan, but she had decided to go mingle by now.

July 3, 2009.
Happy Birthday Brancyn!!!! We didn't celebrate Brancyn's birthday today. Kade and I headed to Malad instead for my 10 year reunion. Grammy was nice enough to watch the kids. We will celebrate Brancyn's birthday tomorrow on the 4th with all of the family that will be around for the day. But, I had to get a picture of the birthday boy (dirty face and all:) on his special day.

June 29 and July 1, 2009
Well the soccer season has officially started. Kayson had his first practice on the 29th and then Liberty was invited to practice with his team on the 1st. Her team practiced one the 2nd. The kids seam to enjoy it, but it wears them out. It is going to be a crazy month trying to coordinate all of their practices and games, but hopefully it will be a good experience.

Kayson dressed and ready to go.

Liberty-so exctied for her turn to try playing soccer
Kayson with some of his team and a neighbor friend
Brancyn and Brylee watching the practice.
Sorry about the washed out pics. My kids had been playing with my camera and I hadn't figured out what I needed to reset yet. Also, I promise I wasn't torturing Brancyn in this photo. He wasn't feeling so well. I felt bad taking him out, but what do you do when you've got kids scheduled for all kinds of things all summer long. Poor kid.

June 28, 2009

We have a girl in our ward that decided to do a little preschool for the neighbor kids. It was a good way to stay busy and earn a couple of bucks. She did a great job. Brylee had so much fun and felt like such a big girl going to 'school'. Today was her graduation and swim party. Thanks Leah! AJ, Kylie, Leah, Brylee, Cambry, and Macey
Brylee receiving her certificate

June 26, 2009
After Gillian and Seth left today, I decided I was in the mood to rearrange the house. I decidied to put the boys in the guest room and the guest room in Kaysons old room. Then we yanked the nasty carpet out of Brancyn's old room. As I was doing all of this rearranging, I decided it was time for Brancyn to move into his big boy bed ( the bottom bunk with a guard rail). The first night he freaked out and had to go back into the crib, but the next night he did great and has been enjoying his big boy bed ever since! Who would have thought, he won't even walk yet-but he is in a big bed. Go figure!

June 25, 2009

Gillian and Seth came to visit us today and pick up an old motorcycle from us. It was also Brielle's (my neice) Birthday. Somehow, the only pics I got of people were at the birthday party.

Hunter, Gavin, Gillian, and Liberty waiting
to hand out gifts to Brielle.
Brogan, Kayson, Michelene, Brielle.
Brielle got the unwrapping thing down
pretty quickly for it being her first birthday!

June 14, 2009.

Kayson got these glasses with the rest of his spy gear for his birthday. I just couldn't resist getting a picture of Brancyn with them on. It's funny how you can see the smile in his eyes even though you can't see most of the rest of his face. He thought these glasses were prerry funny.

June 11, 2009

We had almost 3 weeks of rain in June this year. It was quite unusual for us and made for a not so great start to the kids summer break. So today I decided to pull out the board games with the kids to fight the boredom. It was great for the first few games, but even this didn't keep the fighting and whining at bay for very long. We will be grateful to see the sun.

June 10, 2009

Sleepover Time!!! The kids have been begging for a sleepover with cousins for months. I put them off until summer time, but they day of reckoning finally came. So we invited Halle and Carter over. The kids enjoyed pizza, 'pink juice', strawberry icecream and strawberry cake. Doesn't that sound like perfect sleepover food? Then it was time for wii, videos(hotel for dogs), and lots of giggling and screaming. Kade even supervised for a few hours. I had girls night out from 9-11 that night. I got Brancyn to bed and said goodby. It sounds like he faired well and everyone was in one piece when I got back home! I think everyone had fun. I know my kids did. Thanks cousins for a great night!

Halle, Liberty, and Brlee playing Webkinz
Carter and Kayson making a disaster of his room:)

Enjoying some yummy strawberry cake and ice cream

June 9, 2009
Brylee is taking a summer dance class and is loving it. She tends to be a little shy, but warms up quickly and then has a blast. And I have to say I love it almost as mush as she does. It is so cute watching all of these litttle 3 and 4 year old girls prancing around. The best part is watching them watch themselves in the mirror-they can't get enough of themeselves:)

June 8, 2009
So, it's time to play catch-up once again. I don't know why I put this off so long. In my defense, summer is crazy around here! Gone are the teen summers of sleeping in as late as you want, playing with friends, and doing a few chores here and there. And here comes chores, chores, chores, gardening galore, soccer practices and games, dance, family get togethers, etc., etc., etc., you get the idea:) So now that I've made my excuses, on to the catch-up part. This is a pic of us testing out our new fire pit-we of course broke out the marshmallows. Why have a fire if you aren't going to roast a marshmallow? We had fun with the fire pit and even had the neighbors over. The crazy part is that we are all bundled up in jackets and coats on the 8th of June! This was one of our few sunny days in June, but it was still mighty chilly!