October 14, 2010

September 4, 2010

We planned to go to Yellowstone for Labor Day weekend this year since we missed out on Memorial Weekend. We made it, but only for a day trip. It turned out to be a great trip though. We took our bikes along so that we could go on some bike paths.

We biked to the Natural Bridge . . .it was Beautiful!! In all my trips to Yellowstone, I haven't ever been to see this. It was a nice bike ride and everyone seemed to hold up pretty well for it.

Grampy with the kids.

Kade and Deidra

When we stopped for lunch, we found we had some little fly visitors. What we didn't know until we got home is that they had been biting us and the left the itchiest little spots. I had itchy spots for a least two weeks. And the biggest one didn't stop itching until just last week and the red spot is still there! I guess we learned our lesson and will stay away from those little bugs next time. Ugh!
Kade, Deidra, Grampy, Grammy, Emily, Bryon,
Kayson, Brancyn, Liberty, Brylee, and Halle.
Lonestar Geyser

Grammy and Grampy on their way down from Lonestar Geyser. This bike ride was longer, but easier than the natural bridge trail. It was my favorite ride of the day, but probably the least exciting at the end.

The biker gang.
Deidra, Brancyn, Kade, Grampy, Grammy, Emily, Bryon,
Halle, Liberty, Kayson, and Brylee.

This was another one I don't think I had seen that we biked to. I believe it is called Morning Glory.
Thanks Grammy and Grampy and Emily and Bryon for going with us. It was a great trip!